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  • [Haozhifeng Information] An Overview Of Sand Casting Parts Advantages And Disadvantages

    Prototyping Casting's AdvantagesProbably, if you are reading this discussion about sand casting processes, you are trying to determine which method of prototype casting would be most effective for your product. The best time to use a sand casting foundry for prototype casting is when:Sand cast desig

  • [Products Literature] Which Is Best For Your BBQ?

    Regardless of what specifications you prefer and what pros and cons you see, the answer really comes down to what your dominant BBQ style is and what your personal preferences are. Metals aren't all created equal. They are both awesome.You need to be aware of what you like to understand what you sho

  • [Haozhifeng Information] The Basics of Alloy Stamping

    Our company Special Metal Stamping offers alloy stamping as one of many services. There are a number of industries that use metal alloys, ranging from construction to automobiles. How Does An Alloy Work?Alloys are metals that are made by combining several different types of metals. Since alloys are

  • [Haozhifeng Information] We can help you with your complex projects by providing you with a bronze casting part engineer.

    We can help you with your complex projects by providing you with a bronze casting part engineer.For aluminum castings, zinc castings, magnesium castings, titanium castings, stainless steel casting parts, copper casting parts, steel casting parts, brass casting parts, and more, Haozhifeng Casting off

  • [Haozhifeng Information] WHY IRON is used IN CAR COMPONENTS

    Many consumers ask this question.So many engine components still use iron, despite all the innovations in material and ongoing concerns about weight and fuel efficiency.Here are the reasons:Many consumers ask this question.So many engine components still use iron, despite all the innovations in mate

  • [Haozhifeng Information] Brass Sand Casting

    The large demand for brass lighting parts, which require sand casting, has forced us to continue using the solution. Sand casting is an excellent method of producing large parts or components according to the requirements of our customers.Especially for the high-end hotel and building lighting proje

  • [Products Literature] Fast-Fit Launch

    Fast-Fit SystemWith Fast-Fit, there is no need to perform on-site tests in order to guarantee the connection. In addition, the structure retains its original strength and durability due to the maintenance of protective coatings on existing steelwork. Besides saving time and money on-site, FAST FIT's

  • [Products Literature] How does a pair of horseshoes make out?

    Horseshoes are primarily formed by forging, one of the oldest metal-forming methods. The metal is deformed by hammering, pressing, or rolling it. With a hammer, a smith forges a part by banging it against heated metal. Blacksmiths (farriers) perform this forging process on horseshoes. The same proce

  • What does Future Hold for Forging Industry?

    Futuristic technological advances are increasing the demand for large-scale forging operations around the globe. It is difficult to forge composites and metals of ever-increasing size and shape with current fabrication technologies. There are various modern developments like 3-D printing that greatl

  • [Haozhifeng Information] What You Need To Know About Steel Casting Parts

    Casting is a specific method of making objects with molten metal. The liquid metal is poured into hollow cavities with different shapes called mold. They are left to sit for a while to solidify. After solidifying the liquid metal into the mold, this part is called casting. Casting is used in areas w

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