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The Basics of Alloy Stamping

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Our company Special Metal Stamping offers alloy stamping as one of many services. There are a number of industries that use metal alloys, ranging from construction to automobiles.

How Does An Alloy Work?

Alloys are metals that are made by combining several different types of metals.  Since alloys are stronger than individual metals, they are used a lot for stamped parts. The superalloy category includes various types of alloys.

Alloys and Superalloys

Monel and Waspaloy are two superalloys designed to take extreme conditions without losing their shape. Aviation, marine, and aerospace industries can both benefit from them. The finished results are even better because these alloys are difficult to work with.

Simpler alloys are also possible, such as those resulting from the combination of aluminum with another metal.

The Alloy Stamping Process

All alloys are subject to the same stamping process. If you do not have a design already in place, we will work with you to create a prototype. Upon receiving your approval of the prototype, we will make the parts for you in our shop. Our methods include designing, fabricating, stamping, machining, and powder coating. Your exact needs will determine what you need.


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