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What You Need To Know About Steel Casting Parts

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Casting is a specific method of making objects with molten metal. The liquid metal is poured into hollow cavities with different shapes called mold. They are left to sit for a while to solidify. After solidifying the liquid metal into the mold, this part is called casting.

Casting is used in areas where the shape required is complex or uneconomical to be made by other methods. It is a 7,000-year-old process used to make heavy equipment that must be mass-produced in the same size and shape.

Why Cast?

When a mold is used to cast, the required shape is derived in one piece instead of joining multiple pieces together. This removes the risk of joints giving way or being inconsistent.

When it comes to heavy machinery and parts used in ships, the parts need to be of standard quality, shape, and size. They cannot afford to have propellers of different sizes with multiple joints, which may wear and tear at some point.

What Can You Cast?

Casting is a type of manufacturing process that can be used with various materials. The different types of materials you can “cast” are:

  • Metal

  • Plaster or concrete

  • Plastic Resin

  • Fettling

The Perfect Casting

So, how do companies know the specifications for the cast or the mold? How do they determine the measurements to create a mold that will help create multiple pieces of the same product?

They simulate. To get the perfect output, a simulation is used to calculate the mold filling, component quality, cooling, solidification, and final grinding. A simulation uses different numerical methods to derive the right composition. It helps to determine and describe the component upfront before the production starts. All alterations and changes are made at this stage to reduce loss and wastage and save time.


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