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High Quality Aluminum Precision Sand Casting Parts

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High Quality Aluminum Precision Sand Casting Parts

Product Description:

Product name:Aluminum sand casting parts

Materials:Aluminum A356T6,ZL101,ZL102,ZL104,ZL105, ZL107, A713, A319, ADC12,bronze,copper

Process:Sand Casting

Size&Weight:As your 2D&3D drawings or samples

Technology types:gravity casting, low pressure casting, high pressure die casting, brass&bronze casting and so on

We Qingdao Haozhifeng Machinery Co.,Ltd, is a leading enterprise, specializing in mechanical parts of torque for bushing with different size and material. Torque rod bushing is mainly used in mechanical system as auto, truck, tractor and so on which demand torque rod bushing spare part. With high metal strength, torque rod bushing works long hours. Coated with kinds of surface treatment of environmental fluid, torque rod bushing obtains strong mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion. 

High Quality Aluminum precision sand casting parts


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