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High Precision Metal Stamping Parts

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High Precision Metal Stamping Parts

Product Description:

Name:Stamping Parts( Stamping Part/Stamped Metal Parts/Steel Stamping Parts )

Material:Brass, Copper, steel, Stainless steel, Steel alloy, Aluminum alloy

Surface treatments:Anodize or Nickel plating or as per customer's requirement

Processing methods:Forgings, CNC milling and turning, Grinding, casting, Broaching, etc

Heat treatment capability:Annealing, Normalizing , Nitriding, Tempering ,Carbonitriding, Carburizing and induction hardening.

Processing machine:CNC machines, Automatic lathe machine, Stamping. Lathes, Milling/ Grinding machine, Drilling/ Boring/ Honing machine,Ultrasonic cleaning machine and other advanced production equipments.

Packing:Standard export package, Carton, Wood pallet or as requirement

High Precision Metal Stamping Parts


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