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Fast-Fit Launch

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Fast-Fit Launch

Fast-Fit System

With Fast-Fit, there is no need to perform on-site tests in order to guarantee the connection. In addition, the structure retains its original strength and durability due to the maintenance of protective coatings on existing steelwork. Besides saving time and money on-site, FAST FIT's clamping solution eliminates the need for skilled labor.

Keeping things running smoothly on construction sites is why we developed FAST FIT," says Allen, Haozhifeng Product Manager. It provides fast, versatile, and safe ways to connect steelwork, without compromising the structure's integrity. It comes as a single-box kit solution. Whether you're a contractor or an engineer, you can rely on this solution."

Steel sections can be connected extremely rapidly using fast fit's clever "patent pending" design, without on-site power or hot work permits, thanks to its patent-pending design. As well as saving time and money on-site, it also eliminates the need for skilled labor.


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