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Brass Sand Casting

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Brass Sand Casting

The large demand for brass lighting parts, which require sand casting, has forced us to continue using the solution. Sand casting is an excellent method of producing large parts or components according to the requirements of our customers.

Especially for the high-end hotel and building lighting projects, this technique works well for small orders of big products.

From 50g to 50 kg, we specialize in handling run orders.

Furthermore, we can also produce sandcasting electrical hardware, low-pressure valves, pumps, impellors, ornamental fittings, and low-pressure valve accessories.

Advantages of Brass Sand Casting

  • Particularly for orders with low volumes, there are low production costs.

  • Brass components of large sizes are a better solution.

  • Post-casting tools are low-cost.


  1. Pre-shipment inspection is 100%

  2. Free sample before shipping

  3. Production process pictures in HD

Lead time:

  1. Based on your project, we will provide you with a lead time

  2. Production process report with pictures every week


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