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A380 ADC12 Aluminum Die Casting Parts Engine Parts

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1. For a design expert or a big company with your own engineering team: we prefer to receive a fully RFQ pack from you including drawing, 3D model, quantity, pictures;
2. For a start-up company owner or green hand for engineering: just send an idea that you want to try, you don‘t even need to know what casting is;
3. Our sales will reply you within 24 hours to confirm further details and give the estimated quote time;
4. Our engineering team will evaluate your inquiry and provide our offer within next 1~3 working days.

Alumium Alloy casting (1)

Custom Made A380 ADC12 Aluminum Die Casting Motorcycle Spare Parts
ADC12, A380, AlSi9Cu, ADC10
Mini 80*80 mm,  Max800*800 mm
High Preressure Die Casting, CNC, CMM Measure, Painting, X-Ray Detection

1, Sign Drawing (General clients provide the drawing or samples)
2, Opening the Mold
3, Die Casting ( Aluminium or Aluminium Alloy)
4, Precision Machining (Burring, Lathe, Milling, etc)
5, Surface treatment: Polishing, Electroplating, Sandblasting, Anodizing
6, Inspection and Packing
Automobile 42%,  Furniture 21%, Industry 18%,  Lighting 15%,  Other 4%



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