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HOt line clamps Aluminum

Adjustable Pole Band (2)

Product Description:

Hot line claps

Part No.HB-001


Weight::1.6 lbs



Ball Diameter:1 7/8"

Thread size:-"-8 UNC


Material1.Stainless steel: SS201 /SS302 /SS303 /SS304 /SS316 /etc.

2. Aluminum: AI6061 /AI6063 /AL7075 /AL5052 /etc.

3.Aluminum alloy:5052 /6063 /2017 /7075 /etc.

4.Brass alloy:3602 /2604 /H59 /H62 /etc.

5.Steel alloy : carbon steel/ dei steel/etc.

6.Other special materials :copper /iron /brass /phosphor copper/    beryllium copper /etc.

We handle many other type of materials. Please contact us for any demand.



Metric Standard• Our factory are specialize in the productions of Non-standard products. We export to America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Egypt , Israel

• Where there is need, there is our business.




Finishing1. Plain

2. White / yellow / black / blue Zinc plated, nickel / chromated / aluminum alloy plated, tin plated, silver plated, gold plated

3. Bead blasting

4. Power coating

5. Anodizing

6. Polishing , Electroplate , Baking finish



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