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Closed Die Forging and Open Die Forging

Closed Die Forging and Open Die Forging

Product Description:

In modern society,forging industry is involved in various industries for construction machines,agricultural machinery,automotive,oilfield

equipments,ect.Steel billets could be processed by various forging processes,among them the common used forging ways are 

die forging
 and open die forging.Although these two forging methods all belong to forging,it is not difficult to tell the difference

between closed die forging and open die forging.The biggest difference of them is forging dies.

closed die forging


in-house and third party
All the products are strictly inspected by operator and skilled QC with record put down.

Universal inspection tools:  three-coordinates measuring machine,hardness tester, Height ruler, Depth ruler, Outside ruler, Venire Caliper, etc.



Crate or Plywood Case or as Customers' Request.


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